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Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in the Dickmove (feat NINI) single release, September 15th.

On this page you will find all the promotional material and relevant information about Ash M.O. and his second single.

Should you require anything further, or are interested in an interview with Ash M.O. please contact Team M.O.!

Ash M.O. Press Release  Dickmove (feat. NINI)

Who doesn’t love receiving a good, unsolicited dick pic? Absolutely no one!

But since it is mostly women and gay or bisexual men who get to experience the joy of a surprise wiener in their DMs, a huge part of the world’s population is excluded. 

Women in particular oftentimes rudely refuse to send these brave souls one of their favorite dick pics in return. As a champion for the underprivileged, Ash M.O. strives to right the wrong done unto the oppressed modern-day straight male.

Dickmove (feat. NINI) is a hymn, a musical celebration of the charming, totally non-intrusive nature of sexual persistence, which nowadays gets wrongfully labeled as harassment by the PC police, the social justice warrior army and Antifa. What a Dickmove!

Listen to Dickmove (feat.NINI)

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Illustration: Lucy-Sophie Witthoff

Pressfoto 1

Foto: Andreia Guedes
Illustration: Lucy-Sophie Witthoff

Pressfoto 2

Foto: Andreia Guedes
Illustration: Lucy-Sophie Witthoff

Ash M.O. - Dickmove (feat. NINI)

Illustration: Lucy-Sophie Witthoff
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Illustration: Lucy-Sophie Witthoff
Format: .mp3
Size: 8 MB

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